South Oxfordshire Knock-Out Quiz

Draw and Results for Knock-Out Quiz 2020

Round 1 Round 2 Semi-Finals Final Cup Winner
Preston Crowmarsh92Preston Crowmarsh    
Goring Heath *88     
Stoke Row88Tokers Greenw   
Tokers Green89Tokers Green    
Ipsden and North StokewIpsden and North Stokec   
Cholsey *c     
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell *76Ewelme    
Checkendon81Bix and Assendon    
Bix and Assendon82     
Park Corner84Blewbury    

The spot indicates the (home) team responsible for organising the fixture. The colour of the spot indicates the questionmaster who will officiate at that fixture: red spot = Steve Ash    blue spot = Richard Rowse    magenta spot = Geoff Watts.

w = awarded win in match that did not take place   c = conceded match that did not take place

* Non-League team

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