South Oxfordshire Quiz League

Fixtures and Results Table 2019–2020

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Round 1    
Highmoor99Preston Crowmarsh64Ewelme
Blewbury90Park Corner69Ewelme
Nettlebed94Ipsden and North Stoke51Ewelme
Stoke Row85Warborough79Ewelme
Tokers Green82Checkendon92Ewelme
Bix and AssendonWoodcoteEwelme
Round 2    
Preston CrowmarshBlewburyHighmoor
Park Corner66Nettlebed79Highmoor
Ipsden and North StokeStoke RowHighmoor
WarboroughTokers GreenHighmoor
CheckendonBix and AssendonHighmoor
Round 3    
Nettlebed66Preston Crowmarsh68Woodcote
Stoke RowPark CornerWoodcote
Tokers GreenIpsden and North StokeWoodcote
Bix and AssendonWarboroughWoodcote
Round 4    
Preston CrowmarshStoke RowBlewbury
Park Corner74Tokers Green70Blewbury
Ipsden and North Stoke64Bix and Assendon78Blewbury
Round 5    
Tokers GreenPreston CrowmarshCheckendon
Stoke Row73Highmoor71Checkendon
Bix and AssendonPark CornerCheckendon
EwelmeIpsden and North StokeCheckendon
Round 6    
Preston CrowmarshBix and AssendonNettlebed
Highmoor70Tokers Green68Nettlebed
Blewbury69Stoke Row81Nettlebed
Park Corner80Ewelme71Nettlebed
Ipsden and North StokeWoodcoteNettlebed
Round 7    
Ewelme86Preston Crowmarsh74Warborough
Bix and AssendonHighmoorWarborough
Tokers GreenBlewburyWarborough
Stoke Row82Nettlebed79Warborough
WoodcotePark CornerWarborough
Checkendon88Ipsden and North Stoke79Warborough
Round 8    
Preston CrowmarshWoodcoteStoke Row
HighmoorEwelmeStoke Row
Blewbury72Bix and Assendon62Stoke Row
Nettlebed87Tokers Green51Stoke Row
Park Corner63Checkendon85Stoke Row
Ipsden and North StokeWarboroughStoke Row
Round 9    
Checkendon76Preston Crowmarsh48Ipsden and North Stoke
WoodcoteHighmoorIpsden and North Stoke
Ewelme60Blewbury68Ipsden and North Stoke
Bix and AssendonNettlebedIpsden and North Stoke
Tokers GreenStoke RowIpsden and North Stoke
WarboroughPark CornerIpsden and North Stoke
Round 10    
Preston CrowmarshWarboroughTokers Green
HighmoorCheckendonTokers Green
BlewburyWoodcoteTokers Green
Nettlebed79Ewelme80Tokers Green
Stoke Row93Bix and Assendon64Tokers Green
Park Corner70Ipsden and North Stoke77Tokers Green
Round 11    
Ipsden and North StokePreston CrowmarshPark Corner
Warborough84Highmoor80Park Corner
CheckendonBlewburyPark Corner
WoodcoteNettlebedPark Corner
EwelmeStoke RowPark Corner
Bix and AssendonTokers GreenPark Corner
Round 12    
Preston CrowmarshPark CornerBix and Assendon
HighmoorIpsden and North StokeBix and Assendon
Blewbury76Warborough64Bix and Assendon
Nettlebed88Checkendon70Bix and Assendon
Stoke RowWoodcoteBix and Assendon
Tokers GreenEwelmeBix and Assendon
Round 13    
Park CornerHighmoorPreston Crowmarsh
Ipsden and North StokeBlewburyPreston Crowmarsh
WarboroughNettlebedPreston Crowmarsh
CheckendonStoke RowPreston Crowmarsh
WoodcoteTokers GreenPreston Crowmarsh
EwelmeBix and AssendonPreston Crowmarsh
Note: Rounds can be completed in any chronological order. All matches must be arranged by 1st May 2020.
Key: w = awarded win in match that did not take place   c = conceded match that did not take place
        d = draw agreed in match that did not take place, and for which no points are awarded.